Why You Should Choose a Careshyft Franchise

We’ve Been Home Care Experts For Over 30 Years

Like you, we want to make a difference. We have helped hundreds of home care businesses, and now we’d like to help you too!

  • Unmatched Experience and Expertise in Home Care and Home Care Training
  • Proven Caregiver Acquisition Strategies
  • Only the Best Tactics, Vendors, and Training
  • Ground Floor Opportunity With Home Care’s Dream Team

We Are With You Every Step Of The Way

Our proven training methods and vetted vendor relationships are your key to building your agency quickly.

  • One on one conversations with the Careshyft executive team
  • Extensive role play around the topics of hiring caregivers and making sales calls
  • Operations training that covers everything from scheduling to payroll
  • Development of your unique value proposition
  • Monthly webinars
  • One on one coaching conversations with the Dream Team
  • Exhaustive resource library
  • Cutting edge technology

Make a Difference in Your Community….. and in Your Own Life Too!

Estimated Startup Costs

Breaking Down the Expenses

  • What
  • Range
  • Franchise Fee
  • $34,750 – $46,500
  • Office and Utilities
  • $3,000 – $8,000
  • Technology
  • $3,790 – $7,000
  • Training Expenses
  • $200 – $4,500
  • Initial Marketing (3 months)
  • $2,550-$5,000
  • Insurance (1 year)
  • $2,500-$9,000
  • Misc. Opening Costs
  • $3,200 – $5,500
  • Employee background checks
  • $100 – $500
  • Additional Funds, Operating Capital
  • $25,000 – $50,000
  • Approximate Total
  • $75,090 – $136,000

Starting Your Business: Step by Step

  1. 1

    Let's Talk!

    Fill out the contact form, and we will arrange a time to have an informal chat about your interest in opening a senior care business.

  2. 2

    Review our Documents

    The foundation of our relationship is a series of conversations where we outline the details of the Careshyft opportunity in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

  3. 3

    Let's Get Together!

    Our executive team will meet with you in person to shake hands and share a day discussing your future success

  4. 4

    Sign Agreements and Set up Training

    With all of your questions answered, and a solid plan for success in place, it's time to get to work

  5. 5

    Live Training

    The Dream Team will take you through a week of intensive, but exciting training built on our decades of experience in training home care agency owners

  6. 6

    Ongoing Support

    Live training is just the foundation. We will have numerous conversations, webinars, and training events as you build your business and change your community!

We at HippoCampus Headquarters have worked with David Goodman for over 8 years. David is innovative, professional, a visionary and a superb team leader. When David embraces a service or program, as he did with our dementia activities, he is incredibly supportive and provides great enthusiasm. David is also the consummate networker.

- Ginny Rosen
Hippocampus Headquarters


The Focus on Seniors Podcasts looks at issues facing seniors, their families, and the home care industry. Join Hosts Jeff Hatten and David Goodman as they interview interesting guests and share expert insights into the world of senior care.

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Disclaimer: This website and the information contained herein does not constitute the offer or sale of a franchise. There are certain states that require the registration of a FDD before the franchisor can advertise or offer the franchise in that state. This franchise may not be registered in all registration states and may not offer franchises to residents of those states or to persons wishing to locate a franchise in those states until compliance guidelines are met. The offer and sale of a franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).