24 Hour Home Care

What To Know About 24 Hour Home Care.

Those who can’t live alone are often thrown into assisted living or nursing homes. Many do not wish to give up their property that they may have been living in for years or the majority of their lives. A home health care worker can certainly contribute to a greater level of happiness for those who wish to take care of someone who needs around the clock care, but who would like to stay in their own home.


Some are forced to go to or be put in assisted living facilities and nursing homes because these places are often covered by insurance companies and medicaid. Unless the person has very good insurance, it is unlikely that 24 hour home care will be covered. It’s unfair that only certain people can hire home care to watch their loved one. This isn’t likely to change. It is wise for all of us to save up money if around the clock care is something we’ll think we’ll need someday, but wish to remain out of a facility. Most insurance companies will only cover part-time care, or care in a facility.

Is It The Same Level Of Care?

This depends on the needs of the individual. If that person only needs help for mobility issues, it may be wise to hire a CNA as they should be able to do most of the jobs associated with that person’s loss of mobility that a more educated and expensive worker could do. If a physical therapist is needed, it will be more expensive. Typically, a physical therapist will only need to come part-time. Sometimes they are not needed because there is no hope in restoring the mobility of that person.

Are There Benefits Of Facilities?

Some are actually happier in around the clock facilities because they offer the ability to socialize. Many who choose around the clock care for their home have difficulty leaving it and are often left only in the company of their family. Meal time is together at facilities, and they often have other social oportunities that keep their residence from getting lonely.

It’s Important To Make The Right Choice.

It can be difficult to know what’s best for your loved one. Pay attention to their needs and see what you can provide for them realistically. It is possible to ensure happiness no matter which path you choose. Keep it in mind that you can work through this decision.