Elderly Care

Elderly Care From A Distance: Five Ways To Keep An Eye On Someone You Love Who’s Far Away

Living far away from someone you care about is hard, but it’s even more difficult when they’re elderly, frail, have memory issues or face any number of challenges common in the elderly population. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be an active part of their lives, care and well-being, though, even though there’s a great distance between you.

1. Video Calls

Modern technology allows for easy calling involving video, so you can actually see each other as you speak. Most devices and software are fairly simple to use, so your elderly loved one should have too much difficulty operating them. Seeing them on video is a good way to monitor health, weight and even the home they live in, so you can know they’re keeping up with things around the house.

2. Telephone Calls

If you can’t do video, then definitely call often. Let your elderly loved one know they can count on you to check in on them, along with helping them to alleviate the typical loneliness that can befall older folks living on their own. Phone calls are fast, cheap and a great way to make sure everything is going well.

3. Cards And Letters

Especially if your elderly friend or relative isn’t tech-savvy or otherwise doesn’t appreciate the devices of modern technology, old-fashioned snail mail is also still an effective way to watch over them. Look for things like repeating themselves or uncharacteristic errors, if you’re concerned about memory and other cognitive issues. Ask them to mention how and what they’re eating, how often they get groceries and who they’re hanging around with, too, so you can supervise at least some aspects of their lives.

4. Their Neighbors

If needed, don’t be afraid to “snoop” on your elderly loved one, especially if you’re concerned for their health or safety in any way. They might be stubborn about calling or writing, but you need to check up on them somehow, so it’s okay to talk to their neighbors to find out what’s going on.

5. A Home Care Agency

If you’re becoming more concerned as time goes by and especially if your elderly loved one isn’t keeping in touch with you, contact a local (to them) home care agency and see about hiring services for them. A worker could come in once or twice a week, just to do laundry, help with groceries and make sure everything is as it should be.

Being far from your elderly mom, dad or other special person is difficult; however, there are many things you can do to bridge the distance, on a daily basis. It’s particularly important that you know, each and every day, that someone is looking out for them at home, though, no matter the circumstances. Hire a good agency or individual and keep in close contact with them. You’ll always know what’s going on in your loved one’s life and you’ll always know their in good hands.