Hands On Care

Benefits of Hands On Care

As the members of your family age, it may be necessary to consider hiring assistants to help you with some of their care. This is especially true if you work full time or have your own children to attend to, as well. If you decide to hire a caregiver to assist you with hands on care in your loved one’s home, they can help you with the following:

Coordination of Care
When you contract with a service for hands-on care, they’ll help you set up coordination of care for your loved one, as well. This means that they can assist you in coordinating the various doctors’ appointments, physical therapy appointments, medications, and more so that some of the stress of juggling a chronic medical condition is alleviated.

Assistance with Daily Activities
A hands on care professional can also help your loved one with their activities of daily living (ADLs). A skilled provider can help them get dressed, bathe, move in bed, and get around their home more comfortably. They can also help them grocery shop, take them out on walks, and accomplish other activities. They can also help stave off loneliness by visiting regularly for conversation, social engagement, playing board games or cards, and more.

Help with Basic Tasks
If your loved one isn’t able to keep up with their home any longer, a hands-on caregiver can help. They can visit on a regular basis and help with light housekeeping, washing dishes, and basic meal preparation. This helps ensure that your loved one is always living in a healthy environment and isn’t put in danger due to their illness. If there are specific tasks that you’d like to have accomplished you can negotiate this with the caregiver as you come up with their list of daily or weekly tasks.

Medication Management
These caregivers can also help with medication management. When a person is taking numerous medications, it can be difficult to keep up with dosages and timing. It can also be tough to get the medications refilled at the appropriate time. A home health assistant can help your loved one with this process, helping to make sure that they get the right dose of all of their medications at the correct times of day.

If you’re struggling to handle all of the tasks that go along with caring for an aging loved one, it may be time to look into hiring some hands on assistance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.