Certified Home Health Aide

What Does A Home Health Aide Do?

Home health aides are specially trained to provide care and assistance to seniors or people with special needs. The services that they offer can vary, depending on the level of care that the patient requires. Some of the most common tasks that they perform include the following:

– Companionship. Seniors and others who are housebound often experience extreme loneliness. Home health workers can help provide a social outlet. Friendly, warm, and caring, workers like these form connections with their patients, helping to keep them from feeling too isolated. People who have strong social support benefit greatly, both in terms of their mental and physical well-being.

– Respite care for family members. Being a caretaker can be emotionally draining. Home health workers can provide a much-needed break for family members who are caring for a loved one.

– Assistance with personal hygiene. When people get older or lose their mobility, keeping up with basic hygiene can be difficult. Health aides are trained to help people with tasks like bathing.

– Help getting dressed. Dressing and grooming can also be problematic for seniors. Again, home health workers can assist with these basic tasks, helping people perform tasks like putting on their clothes and combing their hair.

– Reminding people to take their medications. Most older people take a lot of different medications. Trying to keep track of when to take which pills can be problematic – especially if the patient has cognitive difficulties. Home health aides can keep track of medication schedules, reminding the people in their care when it is time to take a pill.

– Cooking, housekeeping, and shopping. Maintaining a household is often difficult for older people. Tasks like cleaning and cooking dinner can be overwhelming when dealing with physical or mental limitations. Home health workers provide much-needed assistance with these tasks. They also can handle shopping, running errands, and other tasks outside of the home.

– Providing transportation. Most elderly people don’t drive. That makes it challenging for them to do things like making it to doctor’s appointments or getting their hair done. Many home health workers provide rides to their patients, taking them wherever they need to go.

– Assistance getting around. Balance and mobility issues can make getting around more difficult with age. As people get older, falls are much more likely to happen. Having a qualified health worker on hand can help reduce the risk of accidents.

These are just some of the tasks that home health aides do. The services provided by these highly skilled professionals allow elderly people to stay in their homes longer, even if they need a little bit of assistance with everyday tasks.